Hks Air Filter : Caravan Fuel Filter

Hks Air Filter

hks air filter

hks air filter - HKS 70019-BK004

HKS 70019-BK004 SMF Air Filters

HKS 70019-BK004 SMF Air Filters

(70mm inlet, 200mm Filter - Black Plate) Replacement ElementsHKS replacement Filter Elements are available in a dry 3-layer, triple density or wet 2-layer, dual density construction. The dry 3-layer type is standard in SMF Reloaded Intake kits, and is designed for superior filtration while still providing excellent airflow. The wet 2-layer type is included in Racing Suction kits and is focused on maximizing airflow for performance, yet still keeping harmful particles from the engine. If your vehicle is in a high dust area, HKS recommends using dry 3-layer elements.SMF Standard assemblyAvailable for universal applications, the unique design of the Super Mega Flow combats the propensity of airflow to move towards surface areas which generates turbulence and reduces airflow capacity, typically a weak point of box-type designs. HKS patented super-funnel design, with its vacuum-inducing inner lip, draws air from the filter s outer edge and directs air away from inlet throat surface areas.

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Custom air intake.

Custom air intake.

If I'm not mistaken Jay is running a HKS Super Suction air filter underneath that box.
Keeping the heat away from the air filter = smart.

HKS Mushroom filter on my MX5 GReddy Turbo

HKS Mushroom filter on my MX5 GReddy Turbo

Sayonara air flow meter, konichiwa HKS super power flow!

hks air filter

hks air filter

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (Ad/hd) And the Hyperkinetic Syndrome (Hks): Current Ideas And Ways Forward

There is a dynamism among "current ideas" on AD/HD research which is extraordinarily encouraging as we look to the future and the resolution of the problems of AD/HD. We can have more confidence than of late that we can determine and rate the problems grouped under the rubric of AD/HD (chapter 1), delineate them with respect to some prominent (if not all) related behavioural disruptions (chapter 2) and have some confidence in an inter-cultural commonality of a problem that may respond to attention from professional care-givers (chapter 4). We are standing already at the second stage of an understanding and attribution of genetic and environmentally mediated traits (chapter 3, 9 and 10): that the "way forward" (towards which feature(s) trigger(s) which effect(s)) may involve tens of stages is exciting - for the first results are at hand (e.g., DRD4). Which amine systems (DA, NA, 5-HT, adrenaline, acetylcholine) intervene with anomalous function is better understood qualitatively than quantitatively (chapters 5-8). Perhaps this link in the chain of understanding remains in the most primitive state, among the fields discussed in this book. What elements control the transport of a monoamine within the synapse and synaptic bouton (e.g., vesicle transporters, and neurexins), let alone the rules for extraneuronal uptake and release in neighbouring systems (e.g. DA by NA systems)? This knowledge will determine future generations of biologically based treatments. Chapter 12 and 13 have illustrated how (in principle) we may determine, with simple neurophysiological means, for whom precisely will these work, and on what neural systems and psychological functions are they effective. The "current ideas" are promising, a body of knowledge is there, many details still need to be teased out, but the way forward has been indicated.

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Hydraulic Oil Filter Core. Pentek Carbon Filter. Aqueon Aquarium Power Filter 55 Up To 55 Gallon

Hydraulic Oil Filter Core

hydraulic oil filter core

hydraulic oil filter core - Jupiter Large

Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press, Black

Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press, Black

Finally a commercial grade juicer for the home that will do as advertised, deliver a glass of fresh squeezed juice. This mid-size commercial juicer form OrangeX is as cool and refreshing as the juice it produces. Whether your fresh squeezed fancy is oranges, grapefruits, lemons or limes the OrangeX commercial juicer will make your morning a breeze. Made from cast iron and stainless steel with 2300 PSI (pounds per square inch) of force everyone in the family can have freshly squeezed juice at the drop of a lever. Removable parts are dishwasher safe.

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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Engine TypeRS / GSR / MR2.0L MIVEC I4 turbocharged/intercooled
Engine CodeRS / GSR / MR4B11 T/C
Valve trainRS / GSR / MRDOHC, 16-valve, Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control system (MIVEC)
Displacement (cu in./cc)RS / GSR / MR122/1998
Bore x Stroke (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR3.4 x 3.4 / 86.0 x 86.0
Compression RatioRS / GSR / MR9.0:1
Horsepower / TorqueRS / GSR / MR291 @ 6500 / 300 lb.-ft. @ 4000
Engine BlockRS / GSR / MRAluminum
Cylinder HeadsRS / GSR / MRAluminum
Redline RPMRS / GSR / MR7,000
Fuel SystemRS / GSR / MRMPI
EmissionsRS / GSR / MRFed: Tier 2 bin 5
Recommended FuelRS / GSR / MRPremium Unleaded
Radiator Core size (mm)RS / GSR / MR700 x 408 x 27
Engine Oil TypeRS / GSR / MR5W-30
Engine Oil Capacity (qt./l)RS / GSR / MR5.0/4.8 (filter + 0.3 qt; cooler + 0.5 qt.)
Recommended FuelGSR / MRPremium Unleaded

AutomaticMR6-speed Twin Clutch Sportronic® Shift Transmission (TC-SST)
1stRS / GSR

2ndRS / GSR
3rdRS / GSR
4thRS / GSR
5thRS / GSR

6thRS / GSR

ReverseRS / GSR


Final DriveRS / GSR


FrontRS / GSRMacPherson type strut (inverted strut)
with forged aluminum control arms
MREibach springs and Bilstein shock absorbers
Front Stabilizer Bar Diameter (mm)RS / GSR / MR25
RearRS / GSRMulti-link type suspension with forged aluminum upper control arms
MREibach springs and Bilstein shock absorbers
Rear Stabilizer Bar Diameter (mm)RS / GSR / MR23
TypeGSR / MRPower rack-and-pinion, 2.27 turns lock to lock
Turning CircleGSR / MR11.8 m / 38.7 ft curb to curb
TypeRS / GSR / MRRack-and-pinion, Hydraulic Power Assist
RatioRS / GSR / MR13.3:1
Turns – Lock to LockRS / GSR / MR2.27

FrontGSR350 mm / 13.8 in Brembo® ventilated disc
MR350 mm / 13.8 in Brembo® ventilated disc, 2-piece rotors with alloy hats
RearGSR / MR330 mm / 13.0 in Brembo® ventilated disc
Control SystemGSR / MRStandard 4-channel sports ABS with EBD
Front Brake TypeRS / GSRVentilated disc with 4-piston caliper
MRTwo-piece rotor for weight reduction
Front Brake Diameter (in/m)RS / GSR / MR13.8/350
Rear Brake TypeRS / GSR / MRVentilated disc with 2-piston caliper
Rear Brake Diameter (in/m)RS / GSR / MR13.0/330
Anti-Lock BrakesRS / GSR / MR4 sensor, 4 channel Sports ABS with EBD
Swept Area – front (sq in)RS / GSR / MR341.6
Swept Area – rear (sq in)RS / GSR / MR267.2
Total Swept Area (sq in)RS / GSR / MR608.8

Wheels and Tires
Wheel Type RS/GSREnkei cast aluminum alloy
MRBBS® forged aluminum alloy
Wheel Size RS / GSR / MR18in x 8.5JJ
Tire TypeRS / GSR / MRYokohama ADVAN asymmetrical performance tread
Tire SizeRS / GSR / MRP245/40R18 93Y
Spare TireRS / GSR / MRT145/70R18 107M
^ Back to top

Wheelbase (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR104.3/2650
Length (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR177.0/4495
Width (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR71.3/1810
Height (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR58.3/1480
Track, Front (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR60.8/1545
Track, Rear (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR60.8/1545
Min. Ground Clearance (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR5.5/140

Weight and Capacity
Curb Weight (lbs./kg)RS: TBD / GSR: 3517/1595 / MR: 3594/1630
MR: 1635 kg / 3606 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity55 L / 14.5 gal
Weight Distribution (% f/r)RS: TBD / GSR: 56.7/43.3 / MR: 57.4/42.6
GVWR (lbs/kg)RS: TBD / GSR: 4542/2060 / MR: 4542/2060

Passenger Seating CapacityRS / GSR / MR5
Passenger Volume
(cu. ft./litres)RS / GSR / MR100.2/2837
Luggage volume
(cu ft/litres)RS / GSR / MR6.9/195
Passenger Volume2837 L / 100.2 cu ft (2795 L / 98.7 cu ft w/sunroof)
Cargo Volume195 L / 6.9 cu ft
Passenger Space
Front Head Room (in./mm) [with sunroof]RS / GSR / MR40.6/1031 [39.5/1003]
Front Shoulder Room (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR54.7/1389
Front Hip Room (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR53.3/1355
Front Leg Room (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR42.5/1079
Rear Head Room (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR36.9/937
Rear Shoulder Room (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR54.3/1378
Rear Hip Room (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR54.1/1373
Rear Leg Room (in./mm)RS / GSR / MR33.3/846
BatteryRS / GSR / MR65D26L
Alternator (Amps)RS / GSR / MR130A
Fuel Capacity
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal./l)RS / GSR / MR14.5 / 55
Fuel Consumption
5MT City / Highway (litres/100 kms)RS12.9 / 9.0
5MT City / Highway (litres/100 kms)GSR12.9 / 9.0
TC-SST City / Highway (litres/100 kms) MR12.7 / 8.9
New Vehicle LimitedRS / GSR / MR3 years or 60,000 kilometres
PowertrainRS / GSR / MR5 years or 100,000 kilometres
RoadsideRS / GSR / MR5 years or unlimited kilometres



Para comecarmos um dia das criancas bem animado!!!
Muuuita coisa para arrumar aqui nesse feriado. Preciso de animo mesmo.

**Lembrancinhas viajando para Aracaju. Thays, jaja chega! Muitas cores do jeito que voce me pediu.**

hydraulic oil filter core

hydraulic oil filter core

Hydraulic Handbook, Ninth Edition

The first point of reference for design engineers, hydraulic technicians, chief engineers, plant engineers, and anyone concerned with the selection, installation, operation or maintenance of hydraulic equipment.
The hydraulic industry has seen many changes over recent years and numerous new techniques, components and methods have been introduced. The ninth edition of the Hydraulic Handbook incorporates all these developments to provide a crucial reference manual for practical and technical guidance.

The first point of reference for design engineers, hydraulic technicians, chief engineers, plant engineers, and anyone concerned with the selection, installation, operation or maintenance of hydraulic equipment.
The hydraulic industry has seen many changes over recent years and numerous new techniques, components and methods have been introduced. The ninth edition of the Hydraulic Handbook incorporates all these developments to provide a crucial reference manual for practical and technical guidance.

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Impreza Fuel Filter

impreza fuel filter

impreza fuel filter - Beck Arnley

Beck Arnley 043-0979 Fuel Filter

Beck Arnley  043-0979  Fuel Filter

Since 1914, Beck/Arnley has focused on the customer, offering high quality parts that look and perform the same as the original part. This ideal has never changed. Today, Beck/Arnley is committed to being the premium supplier of high quality import parts within the automotive market. BeckArnley is an original equipment brand that partners with other manufacturers to supply the parts that cars were originally built with. This product is in a BeckArnley package, note that the part may have been manufactured by an independent BeckArnley supplier and the number on the part may differ from the number on the package.

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Subaru Impreza WRX STi Prodrive Style with the North Sea in the background

impreza s203

impreza s203

Subaru Impreza WRX STi Version 8 S203. Limited Edition 020/555

impreza fuel filter

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Marumi Polarizing Filter - Reusable Oil Filter Motorcycle - Hilbert Filter Design

Marumi Polarizing Filter

marumi polarizing filter

marumi polarizing filter - Marumi DHG

Marumi DHG Super Circular Polarizer CPL PL.D 58 58mm Filter Japan

Marumi DHG Super Circular Polarizer CPL PL.D 58 58mm Filter Japan

Marumi® brand. DHG Super Multi-coated CPL. Pro quality filter. Made in Japan. Ultra-low reflective coating minimizes reflection off internal CCD & CMOS sensors. Multicoated (6 coatings) optical glass filter. Hard protection: Coating guards from scratches. Water & Oil Repellant: Water, oil and fingerprints simply wipe off. Antifouling: Easy clean coating. Black rim: Edge treated with black ink to eliminate reflections. Low profile: Just 5mm high (not inc rear threads). Great for Wide angle lenses, no vignetting. Non-reflective metal frame eliminates reflections. Metal, double threaded frame to allow additional filters or hoods. A Circular Polarizer (polariser) creates contrast between blue sky and cloud for dramatic deep blue skies. Cuts glare off reflected surfaces such as water. Rotates for different effects. Brand new in package

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I Love Frogs!! (IMG 7767)

I Love Frogs!! (IMG 7767)

I really do love frogs and I couldn't help taking a few pictures of this wee chap, he was very obliging! Used my new polarising filter to remove some of the surface reflection on the water - I think it did a good job

Polarizing Filter / Filtro Polarizador

Polarizing Filter / Filtro Polarizador

I got this today. I didn't have too much time to try it out yet :(

Llego hoy. Todavia no tuve mucho tiempo para probarlo :(

marumi polarizing filter

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Nomex Filter Bag

nomex filter bag

100917 / carhartt wedding dress

100917 / carhartt wedding dress

If Carhartt made wedding dresses...

"La Paloma de Alma"

This lovely two-piece bib overall mermaid gown has delicate, feminine details throughout. From the hand-beaded, antique-finish nickel hardware brooch detail on the sweetheart bodice, to the cascading rose at the hip, it is a gorgeous dress for the modern bride. Field-Tested, multiple tool and utility pockets. Faux-braided ribbon closure at back; breakaway honeymoon closure on side. Made of 11.75-ounce, 100% denim cotton, with triple-stitched main seams, satin-polyester facings and taffeta trim material. Also available in Nomex®™.?

Shown in Sandstone. Available in Moss, Dark Green and Enhanced Black.

20100217 Nick Heidfeld's BMW Sauber F1 nomex underwear

20100217 Nick Heidfeld's BMW Sauber F1 nomex underwear

not sure how i feel about owning Nick Heidfeld's underwear... ;) that's Christian Klien's autograph over the intel logo

nomex filter bag

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