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American Standard 7881.732.295 Hampton Two-Lever Handle Widespread Lavatory Faucet with Metal Speed Connect Pop Up Drain, Satin Nickel

American Standard 7881.732.295 Hampton Widespread Bathroom Faucet, SatinAmerican Standard 7881.732.295 Hampton Widespread Bathroom Faucet, Satin Features:; Ceramic Disc Valving assures drip-free for life performance; Durable Cast Brass Construction meets Safe Water Drinking Act requirement; Limited Lifetime Warranty - Function & Finish; ADA Approved Lever Handles Available; Shown with Metal Lever Handles and Crescent Spout; Brass Crescent spout; Metal pop-up drain; Metal Lever Handles* Image shown may vary by color, finish and or material

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For TRP - Edgar Allen Poe
For ToTW - Technique

I used my Sony A-350 with a 50mm/1.4 lens. Already owning that lens is why I bought the Sony body. I freaking love that lens. I always shoot in RAW. I have a giant Mac and CS3 and am madly in love with both.

1. Try to balance the bird on the back of your chair for half an hour. Fail. Decide to do the shot differently. Make ghetto tripod on desk out of stacked objects because you're too lazy to grab the real one. Use go go gadget arms to take a test shot.

2. Mess with settings until you have them at f/5.0, 1/8sec, and your big flash encased in its softbox, pointed at the ceiling. Set the timer to 10sec and repeat use of go go gadget arms to push the button. Think stoic, Poe-like thoughts. Good job.

3. Load things into your compy and narrow it down to The Shot(s). I use the RAW interface in PS to raise the exposure and clarity, then bring some of the blacks back. I boosted the vibrance by about 1/3, then took the saturation down about 1/3. This makes the colors muted, but makes them pop, too.

4. Try some things out and decide that this should be b&w. Make a new layer via cmd+J (or ctrl+J). While I have some cool filter things for that, I really like the Image>Adjustments>Black & White that they added in CS3. Not only does it desaturate, it allows you to retroactively apply lens filters that you would use in film. This has a high contrast blue filter applied. Awesome.

5. Make another new layer via the shortcut. Get a small, soft brush (I used 27px for this) at ~10% opacity. Select white. Go over a few of the highlights around the bird's eye just enough to bring them out. Adjust the layer opacity if you need to.

6. New layer! I like layers. Filter>Distort>Diffuse Glow. Grain - 0, Glow - 2, Clear Amount - 13. Ok. Now drop the opacity on this layer by about half. This isn't glamour shots, people.

7. Merge layers, make a slight crop, reduce the resolution to something reasonable, Save As... and upload. Set to private. Add a vignette in Picnic, reducing the size to 40 and the intensity to about 25. Save and replace. Set to public. Voila!

Sometimes a lot less work goes into shots that look more complicated, and more work into ones that look basic. Funny how that is. I think I'll do technique all week!

175 of 365

175 of 365

Went to Guitar Center with Skurry to buy the rest of my equipment for the studio. We were driving back home and Matthew calls and wonders if he can stay at my house, when we arrived he was waiting in front of my door.

We went inside the house then to the studio where I set everything up, got to admit...looks beautiful...makes want to cry. Got my own studio now so it feels good.

After Skurry left Matthew and I went upstairs to try and finish homework but we kept talking about the "Best of" picks of the year for the Seniors and didn't get much done. We left to La Fitness at around 6:45 P.m. and didn't do much when we got there, considering I messed up my left hand boxing.

January 10, 2008

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